Get to know me!

I live in New Brighton, Wirral, with my husband, our two dogs, Sunshine and Nolan, and our little cat Tali.


I love taking my dogs for walks on the beach, cooking (and eating), LARP, and gaming. I’m a big nerd, and can normally be found hanging out on Twitch with friends. I absolutely love weddings and will gladly froth about your big day as much as you!

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a child, pointing my plastic camera at my family and friends and making them do silly poses for me. I barely came out from behind a camera for most of teenage years and in 2012 I gained a degree in Photography from Coventry University. I took a break from photography; not knowing what to do with my life for a few years, working in retail jobs, pursuing hobbies, and most importantly started LARPing.

My two hobbies met when a friend of mine asked if I would photograph a LARP he was involved in running, and in 2019 I picked up my camera again and started photographing LARP. I loved it. It completely shifted my ideas on photography and gave me my spark back, so I decided in 2020 I would make my mark on the world and become a wedding photographer. As you can imagine, that went well. But at the start of 2022 I won an award for my LARP photography and photographed my first official wedding. Since then I’ve realised how happy photography makes me, it’s the best feeling in the world to be involved in people’s big day, and to me, it’s the best job I could have ever wished for.

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